Haitian NGO Empowerment Committee

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve? The ASC Haiti Committee could use your skills to support the CEN Haiti program (CENHaiti.org). With financing from ASC Beckner Fund and technical support of UMD MIS faculty and students, CEN Haiti is currently creating a community needs and resources inventory for the Municipality of Petion-Ville (in collaboration with the mayor’s office and local leaders). The inventory, an online searchable database, is meant to educate donors, primarily Haitians living abroad, about priorities and facilitate direct fundraising around the world, as well as facilitating information sharing, and network building.

True to its mission to “Connect people who want to develop Haiti together,” CEN-Haiti has been securing very generous donations for local organizations. We are now seeking volunteers to join the team and help improve the performance of these local organizations, so they can attract future funding locally or internationally.

For more info, please visit CENHaiti.org.

Purpose of the Haiti Committee

The purpose of the Haitian NGOs Empowerment Committee is to work in partnership with UUSC and with other UU churches active in Haiti to support the empowerment of local Haitian NGOs in the development of their own community. The UUSC has been for 10 years--supporting the Paysant Papaye Movement program in the northern part of Haiti.

UUSC Philosophy: “UUSC works in close collaboration with grassroots groups on the ground to build resources and empower community members while stopping human rights violations and challenging discrimination. UUSC places high value on eye-to-eye partnerships. This means that instead of telling people what to do, UUSC asks questions, listens to answers, gives input, offers support and expertise, and develops creative strategies together with partner organizations and activists — all with deep respect for the strength, autonomy, and wisdom of the people being served.”

Every year UUSC organizes multiple mission trips to Haiti, in partnership with the UUA. Those trips are initiated by UU churches that are actively supporting projects in Haiti.

How the ASC Haiti Committee supports the CEN Haiti Program

1. Our committee seeks to find and develop technical assistance from within ASC members and the broader UU community. So far we have helped find volunteers in the areas of:

  • Proposal writing
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Creating promotional video
  • Help recruit Board members
  • Organize trips to Haiti to promote sustainable development

2. We are also helping them find sustaining monthly donors to sustain their program.

For more details about the committee activities, please stop by our table in Pierce Hall or send an email to Armele Vilceus (arvilceus@hotmail.com) or Ralph Belton (kikonaria@aol.com).