Weekly Announcements Request Form

If you would like an announcement to run in the church's weekly publications (the e-bulletin sent out by Thursday morning and the paper bulletin that accompanies the order of service on Sundays), please complete the following form. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Communications and Member Services Gary Penn (gpenn@allsouls.ws; 202.517.1465).

  • Announcements must pertain to church-related events and activities.
  • We reserve right to edit material and to refuse inappropriate material.
  • If the announcement is for an event, please include the date, time, and location. If the event is at church, please reserve a space BEFORE announcing it. To do this, fill out a Room Reservation Request Form online and confirm the reservation with Rose Eaton (reaton@allsouls.ws; 202.332.5266) .
  • Include you contact information and the name of the staff liaison who has approved your announcement.

If you would like an announcement on the TV screens in the narthex and lobby, please contact Gary Penn directly to discuss the possibility.

If you would like an announcement made from the pulpit, please email your request to the ministerial staff (rhardies@allsouls.ws, rparker@allsouls.ws, rkeithan@allsouls.ws, jbraxton@allsouls.ws). Pulpit announcements are EXTREMELY limited, and should be about either pastoral joys and concerns or items of churchwide interest.

Limit = 500 characters (including spaces; about 75 words). You will be unable to submit this announcement if you go over that limit. Unfortunately, this box will not count the characters for you; you may want to first compose the announcement in Word and determine character count there.
We will run the announcement in the paper bulletin through the week of your event. The e-bulletin announces only the events of the upcoming week.
If you'd like us to know more information about your announcement, include it here. This text will not be used in the announcement itself.