Church Council

What is the Church Council?

Church Council meetingThe Church Council comprises the chairs and leaders of all church committees, organizations, and activities, and the officers of the church. It shares information, coordinates programs, broadens lay leadership, and advises the Executive Team (the senior and associate ministers and the executive director) and the Board of Trustees. It also nominates members to the Nominating Committee. The church moderator chairs the Church Council. The assistant church secretary is the secretary of the Council.

Church Council meetingThe Steering Committee coordinates the work of the Church Council, including planning three Council meetings a year, launching special and ongoing Council initiatives, and monitoring and reporting progress on implementation of the church’s visioning goals. Present sub-groups of the Steering Committee focus on supporting lay leaders and church groups through expanding service opportunities at the church, developing leadership pathways, expanding use of technology, and improving how we measure the achievement of our 2015 visioning goals.

Co-Moderators: Brenda Barron ( and Paree Roper (

Steering Committee members

Church Council meeting

  • Elyte Baykun
  • Jen Bolick
  • Matt Bowen
  • Susan Crim
  • Tom Fox
  • Alice Goldberg
  • Mike Hill
  • Pooja Jhunjhunwala
  • Erika Landberg
  • Rashed Rabie
  • Mary Topolinski