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The 2019-2020 registration form is available here. You must register your child(ren) for all classes, Nursery through High School. You'll find descriptions of the classes here. Ours is a cooperative program, so all parents/guardians must volunteer in some way. There is no waiver on volunteering. 

Welcome from Our Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth 

Welcome to the vibrant and enriching program that is Religious Education for children, youth and families at All Souls! Our mission, in alignment with that of the church at large, is to provide a diverse, spirit-growing, justice seeking community. We do this through meaningful lesson themes, arts, hands-on and physical activities, and open conversations. In addition to classes, there are many family friendly events, as well as opportunities to enrich our connections with the family of All Souls Church. Welcome, one and all, to our Unitarian Universalist religious community.

Read on for an RE adventure, as well as helpful information.

~ Dolores Miller, Director of Religious Education

Our Vision and Goals 

The purpose of the Religious Education Program is to:

  • Encourage and support our children’s spiritual and ethical growth;

  • Provide an open, safe, and compassionate community;

  • Offer young people a place to explore Unitarian Universalism and other faiths;

  • Support a natural development of religious faith based on direct experience.

Our Staff

Dolores Miller, Director of Children's Religious Education (

James Ploeser, Youth Ministry Coordinator and RE Assistant (

Anya Pines, Nursery Care Provider

Olivia Howard, Nursery Care Provider

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee embodies congregational responsibility for the religious education for children and youth by articulating directions and supporting the professional and volunteer staff in realizing the goals of the program.

Meeting once a month with the Director of Children's Religious Education, committee members articulate the direction and design of the religious education program by listening to parents and congregants, planning and implementing religious education events, supporting training sessions, and working with other adults in the wider congregation to build a religious community. 

All Souls Religious Education Committee

Danielle Henry, Committee Chair

Julie Vallelunga

Allison Denny

Kirk Freeman

Dana Martin

Merrie Dodson

Kevin Hilgers


All Souls RE Program Safety Policies

No teacher should ever be alone with one child (unless it’s their own child). If you are the first to drop off your child and there is only one teacher, you must stay until another teacher or child arrives.

We perform background checks on all individuals who work with children and youth.

Children in 5th grade and younger must be picked up after class. They will not be dismissed on their own. Please be mindful of this when socializing after the service.

Healthy snacks are offered, alternating between raisins and carrots. 

Children and youth may not leave the church for RE activities without a signed permission form from a parent/guardian.

Teachers are trained on the best route to exit in an emergency. Evacuation drills will be performed so that the children are familiar with the routes as well. Limited first aid kits are provided in every classroom and a more comprehensive kit is at the front desk.

During the time that parents entrust their children to the RE Program, children and youth must either be in class or with their families in the service.


Expectations for Behavior

In the RE Program, we seek to engage children and youth within an atmosphere of mutual respect and kindness. At the beginning of the church year, all classes create a “Class Covenant,” stating how they will be in community with each other. In order to ensure a safe learning environment for all participants, we expect a method of interacting guided by our covenants. In the event that a child needs help meeting these expectations, the following steps may be taken: verbal correction or sign, removal from the group, conversation with the Religious Educator, consultation with parents, parents asked to take part in class.

In the spirit of community, we ask that our children and youth "be present" in class. This means they do not bring books and toys into the room with them unless it is meant to be used with the lesson. Ideally, all children will be present in mind and spirit, but if your child has a special need to bring a book or toy from home, please speak with Dolores.