Souls in the Center

Souls in the Center


Welcome to the Souls in the Center! Souls in the Center is a fellowship at All Souls that offers social and service opportunities to those aged 30-ish+ and up! Singles, couples, parents, gay or straight, with or without mortgage - all are welcome!  We usually have a monthly potluck (Saturdays at different homes), a Nerd Day and a Happy Hour!

Please feel free to reach out to leadership at with suggestions! We would love to hear from you. See below on how to get our information.

Souls in the Center communications

To streamline communications, Souls in the Center will use the following to keep in touch with interested members:

  • Google Groups distro. This will be the main outreach method. If you (or any friends!) are not on the list now, please click here to join. You do not need a Gmail account to join the Google group. After you are a member, you may email the entire group at for ad hoc events and other alerts.
  • Facebook page. Please join us here. This can also continue to be used for ad hoc and monthly events, etc.
  • Google Calendar. As a member of the Google Group, you may also track (and add) all events, both monthly and ad hoc, on the Souls in the Center Google Calendar. If you use Google Calendars, you may click this link to add the calendar. If you do not use Google Calendars, please bookmark this link to see what’s happening. If you are a member of the above Google Group, you should have permission to add events.

Souls in the Center Go to the Movies!  Join our movie club! For those interested in watching a show in a theater, and then having a quick drink or snack or coffee to discuss it (sort of like book club, but without... books). Please sign up on this separate listserv here for movie announcements only. Anyone can: Choose a movie, time and place, and scope a nearby place to grab a quick something and have a lively conversation. Be sure to find the link for those interested to buy the tickets, and you are on! After joining the listserv above, send the plan to and/or put on our Facebook page.