Transformation Team

What is the Transformation Team?

The Transformation Team is an ad hoc committee of the Board of Trustees tasked with holding the church’s vision of multicultural ministry and shepherding a transformation process to achieve that in a way that is healthy, lasting, and ever-growing. After two months of discussion, the Team was established on April 25, 2018 in collaboration between the 8th Principle Task Force and the Board of Trustees as a response to the conflict and congregational organizing that took place after Rev. Susan Newman Moore’s departure. The Team is a structure for accountability that links the Board of Trustees as policy makers with the congregation’s input on institutional changes.

“In 2017, the congregation affirmed that the Church subscribes to the Eighth Principle: journeying towards spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. The Board establishes an ad hoc committee called the Transformation Team to advise and assist the Board on potential staffing, accountability, and governance changes with the intention of aligning the institutional framework of the Church with this goal.”

The transformation process is comprehensive, influencing all aspects of what it means to be a covenantal worshiping, justice-seeking community.

The Transformation Team collaborates with various groups and leaders in the church to:

  • Ensure that the 8th Principle is incorporated into all aspects of All Souls Church’s congregational life.
  • Ensure that the input from congregational gatherings (mentioned above) is valued and informs the transformation process.
  • Coordinate alignment of recommended improvements of institutional structures across functional areas with the vision of building the Beloved Community.
  • Provide linkages across functional areas to break down “silos” between groups in the transformation process.
  • Support work groups in processing data from the Congregational Report, making recommendations and suggestions for who should implement the recommendations.
  • Assist with the process of eventually dissolving these transitional bodies and enabling existing and new structures to hold the needed mandates and execute implementation plans.

(Please see the Transformation Team’s full Terms of Reference.)

Who is on the Team?

The Team currently consists of nine members, who represent different areas of ASC:

  • Paula Cole Jones and Pamela Sparr (Co-Chairs)
  • Whitney Cooper (8th Principle Task Force)
  • Danielle Henry (Religious Education)
  • Neil Manzullo (Young Souls)
  • Bill Rice (Adult Spiritual Development)
  • Derek Robinson (Leadership Development Nomination Committee)
  • Julia Sayles (Silver Souls)
  • Nadine Ramos (Board of Trustees)
  • Libbie Buchele (Board of Trustees)

Why do we need this team and the work groups?

In January 2018, the Senior Minister and the Board called a town hall meeting to address a congregation demanding information on Rev. Moore’s unexpected departure. The atmosphere was highly charged! Congregants who spoke were overwhelmingly challenging the church’s leadership. They questioned the process(es) leading to Rev. Moore’s departure and weighed the costs of belonging to a multicultural, progressive church. Following the town hall meeting, it was clear to ASC leadership that the church needed to provide spaces for people to express their feelings as well as to talk with one another to try to address the confusion, unresolved issues and feelings of hurt and betrayal. Read how All Souls’ Transformation Team and work groups grew out of listening and consulting processes initiated by All Souls’ leaders.

2018 at All Souls Church (ASC) found itself undeniably in need of institutional change. Why we are in need of change can best be understood from a perspective that is wider than the complications that have been experienced in the past year. How far into the church’s past should we cast the lens in order to make sense of our current predicaments and opportunities? Read All Souls Church’s Multicultural Commitment: A Brief Historical Overview written by Paula Cole Jones to understand more.

What are the work groups working on?

Current Work groups (click on each link for more information on each one)

Additional Document that are helpful for review: David Pyle Governance Documents